Thanks for coming to take the Connection Assessment. This is an assessment designed to measure the stability and strength of your connection system, which is the physiological basis of wellbeing and resilience, and identify areas where it could be strengthened. This is not a diagnostic examination, but rather an invitation to explore your own sense of awareness and connection. It is not meant to diagnose any physical disease or mental health disorder. Many of the questions are subjective. We invite you to simply read through them, and respond without thinking too much about it. This assessment compiles information from several other instruments, including the ACES questionnaire, Dr. Stephen Porges’ Body Perception Questionnaire, the Applied Mindfulness Process scale, and the Professional Quality of Life scale (ProQOL). Please only answer questions that you wish to answer. YOU CAN SKIP ANY QUESTIONS YOU DON’T PREFER TO ANSWER. Sharing demographic information will help us to highlight trends, and increase our ability to make useful recommendations for culturally-appropriate restorative practices. This assessment will be reviewed by a genuine high technology- the opposite of an AI. What’s that? An original human. Not a machine.